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Last Updated: Sep 18, 2019 12:04PM PDT
What is appKarma? 

AppKarma lets you earn PayPal Cash and Gift Cards when you complete offers (play with apps, watch videos, invite friends, etc ...). You can redeem your points and receive your gift cards right inside the app. 

How do I earn rewards? 

1) Click offer and install the app
2) Open the app and play with it right away
3) Follow any offer requirements (reach level 5, sign up for account, complete tutorial, etc) in order to get rewarded
4) Come back to the app. It can take up to a few hours before the advertiser issues the rewards

Maximize your chance to get rewarded: Even if the offer simply says "Install and Play", we advise you to play a couple of levels, complete any tutorials, or sign up for an account and perform the app's basic functionality. 


How quickly will I have to complete the offer? 

This could vary depending on the offer and the offer requirement. In general you should complete an offer within 7 days. However, some offers may take a long time to reach the necessary levels/goals - in these cases, you should try to complete them within 30 days. 

Keep in mind if you uninstall the app or reset your device identifier, your chances of getting rewarded will go down. 

I just installed an offer but it disappeared. Will I still get rewarded?

Yes. An offer that disappears simply means the advertiser has stopped the campaign due to budget or the advertising campaign is over. You will still get rewarded if you reach the offer requirement within a reasonable time frame. 

Check your "In Progress" page to see which offers you've clicked on in the past and take a note of the offer requirements. 

What does "Rank" mean? 

Short answer is - the higher the rank, the "better" the offer is. To make things easier for you, we've sorted our offers with the highest rank on top. 

Long answer is - every offer is graded based on two metrics:
1) the amount of reward points you will receive for completing the offer
2) the chance you will get rewarded for it. Some offers are difficult to complete or some offers are simply prone to technical issues where rewards aren't appropriately being rewarded

So an offer with a very high chance of converting (easy to complete the task), with a high reward, will have a very high rank. Contrast this to another offer that is also easy to convert but offers very little points, it will have a relatively lower rank. 

In summary, we rank the offer based on what we think is most valuable for you. 

What does an offer with a NEW rank mean?

We simply don't have enough data to rank it. If enough people attempt it and get rewarded for it, we will begin to calculate and assign and ranking to it. 

How does BOOST work? 

We automatically apply boosts to all NEW ranked offers. For example, a 1000 point offer with a +35% boost means you will get a total of 1350 points when you complete the offer.

You can select 3 boosted offers each day. After you select the 3 offers, NEW offer boosts will no longer be available until 24 hrs later. You can check "In Progress"  to see the offers you've selected and the associated boosts for the offer. 

How long does it take to get rewarded?

It can take anywhere from a few minutes up to 24 hours. 

Why am I not getting rewarded?

Most common reason you're not getting rewarded is:

1) You've already installed the app on your device before (especially if you use other reward apps)
2) You haven't engaged with the app enough (create account, finish tutorial, etc ..) or did not follow the offer requirements (reach level 5, register for an account, etc)

Here's a detailed article on getting rewarded

Why are you NOT giving me the rewards

We don't have any control over the rewards. We only issue the rewards when the advertiser issues us a notification that an offer has been completed. We only get paid if you get rewarded so we would like for you to earn the rewards too!

Mobile tracking is not 100% reliable due to a number of technical reasons which is why we allow users to apply for missing credit bonuses, see below (500 points max within 30 days).

I still don't get rewarded, what do I do?  

You can apply for missing credit bonuses. Please send an email to with the following:

1) Offer Name and Reward Amount in the email
​2) Screenshot of the offer (from inside appKarma) 
3) Screenshot of the app opened on your device

** Bonus will ONLY be issued if you provide ALL three items listed above
** Only send screenshot of the app opened on your device (not just the icon of the app on the device home page). The screenshot should show how much you've played with the app. ​

Why do you limit the maximum amount of Missing Credit Bonus that can be issued

We are enforcing this due to a significant amount of abuse of our missing rewards application process.

- users submitting missing credits for offers they have already completed
- users not following offer requirements
- users submitting screenshots that don't belong to them
- users reporting for offers they did not attempt
- users reporting inflated offer reward amounts

There aren't any new offers. I need more offers. 

We don't control the offers you see. We simply pull them from our partners. 

Offers get refreshed by our partners at different times. Most of the offers are targeted to US, UK, Germany (this is where advertisers focus most of their advertising spending). If you live outside of these areas, you may not see as many offers. 

It's best to check back once in a while to see if new offers have been added into our partner's system. 

I get redirected to a blank screen / different app after I click on an offer

When you are redirected to another app or a blank screen, it is because the advertising campaign has either paused or reached a daily limit and our partner did not have time to update their system.

There isn't much we can do to prevent this - we simply pull the offers from our partners. If you see this happening, please ignore the offer and try the next one.

What are Karma Plays

Karma Plays let you earn daily rewards when you KEEP and PLAY with the app you've been rewarded for.

1) Complete an offer with the Karma Play icon
2) When you get rewarded, we will add Karma Plays to your account
3) Keep the app (don't uninstall it)
4) Play with it each day and earn extra rewards

You'll get a 2x Karma Play bonus if you play with the app 1 day after you 


What are achievement badges? 

Achievement badges lets you earn extra bonuses when you complete certain milestones (Complete 30 offers, Check-in 30 times, Verify your account, etc)

How do I level up? 

You can increase your reward level by earning Karma Play badges. When you increase your reward level, you'll get an extra bonus each time you complete an offer. 

No Play Badge  = Reward Level 0 (+0.0%)
Play Lv1 Badge = Reward Level 1 (+5.0%)
Play Lv2 Badge = Reward Level 2 (+7.5%)
Play Lv3 Badge = Reward Level 3 (+10.0%)
Play Lv4 Badge = Reward Level 4 (+12.5%)

What is a redeem bonus? 

You will get 5% back on what you redeem, this way you'll always get something to begin with after you've saved up your points. It's also there to negate some of the paypayl fees. 

How do I get my gift card?

Your gift card code is delivered right to your device in 
My Rewards
. After a 24 hour verification period, your gift card code and PIN will be revealed. 

I just received a PayPal payment from you but did not receive the full amount

PayPal will deduct some fees when we send payment. This isn't something we have control over.

Someone used my invite link/referrer code but I did not receive any rewards

You earn 30% of what your referrals earn. If you haven't received any points it's because your referrals haven't earn anything yet. You can check the status of their progress in the Invite Earnings page. 

I have a YouTube channel and would like to earn more referral rewards

Great, you can apply to be VIP! If you have over 1000 subscribers or can generate a lot of views/referrals, please contact us at and send us a link to your channel. Check out the link for details.

I forgot my password, I can't sign in

You can go to Sign In > Forgot Your Password? to reset your password. Enter the email address that you used to sign up to appKarma with and we'll send you a password reset link. 

Can I change my username? 

No, once your username is set, it cannot be changed. 

Can I change my referrer? I want to enter another referrer code. 

Once your referrer code is set, it cannot be changed

Can I use multiple devices? 

Yes. You can sign in to your account when you are on the new device and you will retrieve all your account information. Please note that there is a limit to how many devices you can sign into. 

Can I create another account on my device? 

No. Only one account is allowed per device. 

How can I log out?

There is no log out functionality since only one account is allowed per device.

I don't want to use appKarma anymore? How do I delete my account? 

Please contact 

Why is my account suspended?

We will suspend accounts If we detect excessive VPN use or fake accounts created by an emulator,.

What is an Ogury Badge?
Through a partnership with Ogury, appKarma is able to offer Premium Videos that pay out 5X the reward amount over regular videos. This is only offered to users from a few selected countries.

Ogury works with some of the top brands in the world (Ford, McDonalds, Samsung, etc) to deliver very targeted mobile advertising for them by using anonymous user data.

In the same way that Google learns from your internet browsing history to deliver targeted advertisements, Ogury uses data (only from users who opt in to the consent) to deliver rewarded videos and ads that best match the brand and the user.  

Can you tell me more about Ogury's data collection?
The data collected will be used in aggregate and shared with Ogury's partners in order to determine the most suitable ads to show. Your data is tied to your device's google advertising ID (which can be reset by going to Settings > Google > Ads > Reset advertising ID.

Link to Ogury's data collection policy

What if I opt out of Ogury's consent
You may still see a few premium videos occasionally but the availability of such videos will drop by 95%. 

If I agree to Ogury's consent, can I opt out later? 
Yes. If you ever decide to opt out of data collection and are no longer interested in Premium Videos, you can click on "Disable this ad" the next time you see a premium video and you will be opted out. 

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