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appKarma (iOS) FAQ

Last Updated: Mar 22, 2017 02:30PM PDT
What is appKarma Rewards? 

You can earn rewards by completing survey offers in our app. You can redeem your points for various gift options in the Rewards section of the app. 

Why don't I qualify for the surveys?

Our survey partners often asks a lot of qualifying questions to ensure that they are targeting the right demographic for their surveys. If you don't qualify, please try another one. 

Why aren't there any surveys available? 

Survey availability come and go depending on how many people have completed them, it's best to check back once in a while to see if there are new surveys available. 

Are there any other ways to earn rewards? 

You can earn referral rewards. You earn 30% of whatever your referrals earn. They also get 300 points when they enter your username (referrer code). 

Additionally, we have a lot of achievement badges that you can earn that will get you a couple of extra points. Check them out in the profile section!

I just redeemed my points for a gift card. Where is my card?

 You can see your card by clicking on the Wallet icon in the Rewards section 

What is a Redeem Bonus?

It's pretty awesome, you get 5% back when you redeem your points so you don't have to start from 0. We're sure it took you some time to earn your points so we're giving a portion of it back to you :)

Can I use gift card X in my country?

With the exception of PayPal and Steam gift cards, most of the other gift cards can only be used in their designated countries - please read gift card details for information on where the gift cards can be used. The only way to redeem those gift cards is to temporarily change your account's billing address to the corresponding country. 

Why is there a 24 hour lock on my gift card?

When you redeem your points for a gift card, your gift card code will not available until after a 24 hour verification period. This 24 hour period is a security implementation to ensure that this transaction is valid.  

Can I get a refund for my gift card?

Sorry, we cannot issue any refunds for any cards redeemed from our app. The reason is because we can't verify whether the gift card has been used.


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