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I'm VIP. What should I put in my video to maximize my earnings.

Last Updated: May 02, 2017 11:16PM PDT
 Here are some things you should mention to maximize your long term earnings. 
  • appKarma for Android Users -  appKarma is available on the Google Play store
  • appKarma for iOS Users - appKarma is available on (use iOS Safari Browser). Rewards are much higher on iOS so you could make more money. 
  • Promote your invite link AND referrer code - In addition to promoting your invite link you should also promote your referrer code (In rare cases, the invite link will fail to automatically associate your referrer code so your referrals need to enter your code manually) Your invite link will automatically take the user to the appropriate place based on their device. It's magical.
  • Upgraded VIP referrer code - Inform your users you have an upgraded referrer code. (they can get a higher bonus if they use your code)
  • Introduce Karma Plays (android only) - This is a feature that is unique to appKarma. Karma Plays lets users earn extra bonus by keeping and playing with the apps they have installed. Users who complete Karma Plays are highly active and are much more likely to complete more offers. (Note: if you need us to add Karma Plays for you in your video, please let us know and we can manually insert them into your account)
  • Show them our 30+ Bonus badges - Each badge is an opportunity to win extra bonuses. They are worth anywhere from 50 points to 1000 points. 
  • Explain that they can level up and increase their Reward Level - Each time a user earns a Karma Play badge (Levels 1 ~ 4), they can level up. When you increase your reward level, you earn an extra bonus each time you complete an app offer. 
  • Educate your subscribers (1) - Do not try to install apps that they have previously installed on their device. Advertisers will block these conversions so the users will not be rewarded. This is especially true if your subscribers have used other reward apps. 
  • Educate your subscribers (2) - Some apps require more engagement (create account, complete tutorial, advance several levels) Please make sure to play with the app sufficiently. Some rewards take up to 24 hours to be issued. 
  • Contact Us - We are very responsive. Please let them know they can contact if they have any issues.  

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