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appKarma (iOS Web) FAQ

Last Updated: Apr 23, 2015 10:44AM PDT
What is appKarma? 
AppKarma lets you earn Karma Points that can be used for a variety of gift cards when you install and play with apps. Everything is absolutely free. We're also available on Android. 

What's unique about appKarma compared to other reward apps?
  • Higher reward amount and lower redemption value means you earn gift cards faster. 
  • You can earn bonus points when you earn Achievement badges
  • If you change a device, you can sign in to get your reward points back so you are not tied to your device. 
  • If you move to Android, you can also sign in and get your reward points back and continue to earn. 
  • Your points never ever expire
  • Awesome support (
  • The most generous invite reward system
  • We have gift cards for more countries than any other reward apps. 
Are there any requirements?
  • appKarma iOS Web only works on the iOS Safari browser
  • Your Safari browser cannot be in private mode
  • Cookies must be enabled 
How can I get started? 
  1. Visit from your iOS Safari browser
  2. Install the Special Offer
  3. Open up the Special Offer (Recall This) 
  4. Type in appkarma as the promotional code
  5. Click on the link that will redirect you back appKarma. 
  6. All offers are unlocked, and you are ready to start earning rewards
Why do I need to install the Special Offer app? 
The app retrieves a "key" (aka iOS IDFA) that will allow us to track rewards. Without it, you won't be able earn any rewards. 

Should I keep the Special Offer app? 
Yes, please don't delete it. If you ever lose your key (which will happen if you reset your phone) follow the directions above from the How can I get started section to retrieve the key. After getting the key, all you need to do is sign back into your account to get access to your points. 

What happens if I reset my phone, clear my Safari data, or reset my IDFA? 
You will need to redo the steps from the How can I get started section above to get the key, then sign back into your account to get access to your points. 

How do I earn rewards? 
Find an app offer you're interested in, install it and play with it. Many apps will reward you once you play with it for a little while, although some apps will require you create an account, complete their tutorial, or reach a certain level before you are rewarded.

If you watch a video offer, simply watch the video trailer in its entirety and you will be rewarded shortly after you're done. 

How long does it take to get rewarded? 
For app offers, It could be from a few minutes up to 24 hours. Video offers are usually within minutes. If you have any reward issues, let us know at

Why am I not getting any rewards?
  • If you're installing an app you previously installed, you will not get rewarded for it. 
  • You aren't playing with the app enough (see section below)
  • It sometimes take up to 24 hours to get rewarded. 
  • If you've reset your advertiser ID we won't be able to track your rewards. To fix this, simply follow Steps 3 through Step 6 in the "How can I get started" section above. 
How do I maximize my chances of getting rewarded?
  • Don't install apps you've already installed on your device. You will not get rewarded for installing the same app twice
  • Complete the offers one at a time. Don't try to install a bunch of app offers at once. 
  • After you install the app, open it up and play with it right away. Don't wait too long otherwise the reward tracking might fail. 
  • Engage with the app and perform the basic functionalities of the app. If the app allows you to create an account, create an account. If the app has some type of tutorial, please complete the tutorial. Many apps now require a certain level of engagement before you can get rewarded. 
How else can I get rewarded?
You can also get rewarded by inviting your friends. Tell your friends to enter your username when they sign up for an account. Once they reach 1000 points, you will earn your invite reward. Additionally you also earn a reward when your invitees redeem a card so you will continue to earn as long as your invitees keeps redeeming cards. 

When I click on an offer it goes to the wrong offer or it says "expired". 
This means the offer campaign has been stopped by our partners or the advertiser. Please move on to another offer. 

I invited my friend and he entered my username, but I did not get rewarded.
Your friend needs to earn 1000 points before you receive your invite rewards. You can check your friends progress by clicking on More > Invite Status

I don't want to sign up for an account, can I still earn rewards?
Yes you can. Signing up for an account is not necessary to use the app, although we recommend you to do so. Once you sign up for an account, your points are kept in your account forever. If you change a device or move to Android, you can still sign in and get all your rewards back. 

I have an Android device too. Can I log in using the same account? 
Yes! Simply log into appKarma using the same email/password combination you originally set. You'll be able to pull all your account info and rewards to your device. 

Can I log out of my account? 

No. Each device can only have one account. Once you've created an account your device is permanently associated with your account. 

I want to sign up for another account. 
Unfortunately, once you create an account on your iOS device, that is the only account you can use. We only allow one account per device. If you want to create another account, you'll need to use another device. 

I changed my device, do I lose my points? 
No! If you have signed up for an account, all you need to do is sign back into your account and you'll get all your account activities back. 

Will I ever lose my rewards? 
No, once you sign up for your account, your points stay in your account forever and never expire. ​The only way to lose your rewards is if your account is suspended because of fraud. 

I can't enter a referrer!
Once you pass 1000 points, you won't be able to enter a referrer. 

Can I change a referrer? 
No, once you've set a referrer, no more changed can be made. 

I have enough points, how do I get my gift card? 
  • Once you earn enough points. Go to Redeem to redeem the gift card of your choice
  • Your gift card will appear in My Rewards and it will remain locked for the first 24 hours. 
  • After 24 hours, go to My Rewards and click on your gift card to view the gift code. 
I got the wrong card can I get a refund? 
No, once your redemption is made, there are no refunds. 

I redeemed my points for a gift card, where is my gift card? 
Your gift cards are stored permanently in My Rewards

I forgot my password, what should I do? 
Please go to Sign In > Forgot your password? and enter your email to reset your password. 

Can I change my username? 
No, once your username is set, it cannot be changed. 

Why should I verify my account? 
You'll need to Verify your account in order to sign into your account on another device. When you sign up, you'll get an account verification email. Click on the verification link to verify your account. You can also manually send a verification email if you go to More > Account Status to send the email. 

Where else can I get more help? 
You can visit our FAQ page which can be accessed from the app when you click More > FAQ. Be aware the full FAQ contains some info that is only pertinent to the Android version of appKarma. If you need additional help, you can always contact us at 

Can I use VPN or Proxy? 
No. Using VPN or proxy is considered fraud. 

Why has my account been suspended?
Any fraudulent activities that are detected by our system will result in account suspension. These activities include using VPN/Proxies to access offers, creating fake devices to earn rewards, or invites etc. 

Please don't commit fraud, our system checks for fraud and will suspend any account suspected of fraudulent activities. There's a zero tolerance policy for fraud and you won't get your points back. 

How do I contact you guys is the best way to reach us. 


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