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Why am I not getting credited for some of these app offers?

Last Updated: Nov 24, 2015 11:45PM PST
We issue you credits when our partners (the offer providers) send us a notification to our system. Sometimes it does take a bit more time (up to 24 hours) before you get rewarded (depending on the load on our partner's system). Here are some key points:

#1 Why you may not be credited
  • If you have previously installed the app on your device, you will not be rewarded for it again
  • You have used other reward apps and have tried to install the same app on your device. Again, installing the same app on your device will lead to no rewards. 
  • It take anywhere from a few minutes up to 24 hours to verify your conversion. 
  • If you've downloaded a lot of apps from our provider all at once, it could trigger some fraud detection that could temporarily prevent you from getting rewarded. 
  • If you haven't spend enough time playing with the app - different apps have different reward triggers such as open up app, or sign up, or play game up to a certain point. 
  • If you are using VPNs or some proxies, our partners block some of these IP addresses (fraud protection) so you will not get credited.
  • If you have a jailbroken/rooted phone - some advertisers may block conversions on jailbroken devices 

#2 To maximize the chances of getting credited
  • Check out an app offer one at a time - install an app, open and play with it, then move on to the next offer that interests you.  
  • Don't download a lot of apps at once - downloading a lot of apps at once could look like fraudulent behavior (automated bots). Our partners could limit or stop issuing rewards for your account because your activity has triggered their fraud detection. 
  • Give it some time between completing the app offers and spread it out - Install the apps a few minutes apart, play with them, and come back another day to try out other apps. Again, if partners detect too many successive installs at once, it could look like fraud. 
  • Give the app a fair chance and engage in it immediately after you install it to your device. If you are downloading a lot of apps at once and playing with them sporadically (3 hours later, one day later, etc) the chances of getting rewarded will be significantly lower. 

If you are frequently not getting rewarded
If you have not violated #1 and have followed #2 and are still having issues getting credited, let us know. We'll work with our partners to figure out what is wrong and take the steps to correct the situation. 


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